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Learning from experience with Hands On Training on location & in the classroom

Our Local Lessons are held in the Colorado Springs area, in person with Lynn Boutté.
Class sizes, times and number of hours will vary depending on demand and requests.
Lessons will be listed below as they become available... call for other times requested.
Your Best Way to Learn
Individual Personalized Lessons ... Where you can learn at your own pace and according to what you want to learn. Your lesson will be one on one with Lynn and your camera and or computer if wanted. Individual lessons are $45 per hour and you schedule your agreed upon time with Lynn. 
We recommend a 2 hour minimum for your best learning Experience.
Classes of 4 to 6 Students
2 Hour 4-6 person Class on the Basics, Camera, Exposure, Lighting ....        $39 each
3 Hour 4-6 person Class on Your Camera and Editing in Photoshop ....        $59 each
4 Hour 4-6 person Class - 1 hour on camera, 1.5 Shooting on Location, 1.5 Uploading & Editing...  $79 each
Call, Text, or Email for more information or to book your Personalized Lesson
(719) 636-5116           lynn@imagingminds.com

NEW !   Focus on People
Photographing people in a way that they look good can be very challanging and is one of the most difficult subjects you can capture in photography.
Lynn has spent 32 years perfecting all the elements that come together to create fantastic portraits and make them look natural and artistic.
Now he is offering his expertise to you because in these times of point and shoot, the art of true portraiture is being lost. 
You will learn the lighting, camera settings, backgrounds and angles that compliment each person. Every person is different and you'll learn why you'll change all of this to bring out the best in who you're photographing.
check it out NOW
(719) 636-5116           lynn@imagingminds.com
COMING SOON   Online Courses
We Need Your Input...what type of courses would you like to see?
Thank you!
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